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So I could use some help!

I have to come up with a topic for my informative speech class.  She said to write on something you know/love/passion about because it will make for a non-boring speech.  but here’s the thing, I have no idea what to write about. but I came up with a few options, which one do you think would make for a good speech topic??

#1: baking either my banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes with rainbow icing

#2: dirt bike riding (in the mountains)

#3: teaching children

#4: crohn’s disease (I have the disease and I mentioned it in my last speech and she said I could use it as my informative speech but I wasn’t sure it it would be very fun)

#5: architecture

so that’s all I have come up with, so any suggestions or anything would be really helpful!!

Thanks!!! :)

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  1. hawaiianinboston said: children, or the history of baseball because i have an entire speech outline and everything that i could give you for that. whole 10 minute speech!
  2. thavpaaaaps said: Teaching kids!!! You’re so passionate and content with that. it make you happy:)
  3. dereknochefranca said: I feel like the baking idea could be fun, allowing you do a step-by-step recipe/demo if you wanted. But I do agree, that teaching is something you’re passionate about.
  4. theglass-passenger said: teaching children!!!! chels you get so excited when you talk about that :)
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